Becoming a clientAt Dialogue Financial Management, your journey begins with a careful analysis of your current financial position and your future goals. This ensures we have a comprehensive view of what you would like to achieve. We believe that creating wealth is a journey, and one that happens over time.

Creating wealth is pointless if there’s no purpose. Our system brings your goals into clear focus and highlights what is realistically feasible. It allows us to better understand your dreams and ambitions and tailor a plan to achieve success for you.

Free, No-Obligation Discovery Meeting

Our process usually begins with a telephone conversation. One of our associates will discuss our process and arrange an initial meeting with you and your spouse or partner, if appropriate. At this first meeting we will seek to understand your values, issues and concerns, and your personal financial and lifestyle goals.

At this first meeting, we will collect some personal information about your current position and talk to you about our process going forward. We maximise the value of this meeting by asking you to bring along any records of your financial affairs. This may include bank/loan/mortgage statements, details of insurance policies and superannuation accounts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, employee share and option plans, a summary of tax structures that you may have in place, etc.

If we believe we can add significant value to your personal circumstances, the next step is for us to agree to move forward. Our representative will discuss the work involved for you, the level of expertise that you need, and provide confirmation of the value we can add to your situation. We will discuss fees at this time and will communicate the outcome to you both in person and in writing.

Strategy Development Meeting

At our strategy development meeting, we present to you a range of alternatives for you to consider. We demonstrate the impact of our recommended approach through a range of ‘what if’ scenarios based on long term planning assumptions. At this point we mutually agree on the best outcomes for you.

Our advice is based on your objectives, your time horizon, the amount of risk you are comfortable with, and any other factors relevant to your own personal situation.

Presentation Of Our Recommendations

At the end of the strategy development phase, we enter into the plan construction phase. This is where we provide you with a detailed written summary of the conclusions and decisions agreed on in our strategy development meeting, including our strategic advice. This document is called a Statement of Advice (your personal financial plan) and it forms the building block for your financial future.

Your Statement of Advice is just the beginning of a process that includes ongoing updates and adjustments whenever necessary. Your plan will be flexible to embrace the changes in your circumstances as you progress through life.

In many cases, our clients’ recommendations are broken down into segments where the strategy and advice, and in particular the implementation, are addressed over the next six to twelve months.

After that, the next step is to formally agree to implement your strategic advice. There may be several stages to rolling out your plan, including meeting with other professionals to seek expert advice in, for example, taxation planning or Estate Planning.

At the end of this meeting, we help you to implement your agreed strategies, and commit once more to working together on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Review Meetings

The initial planning is just the beginning. Typically your goals, objectives, and overall situation will change over time, as will legislation and the economic markets. Our advice adapts to these changing circumstances, and continues to add value to you, as we see change as an opportunity.

Our goal is to achieve your goals and proactively maintain a long term and effective partnership with you. We measure and monitor your plan on an ongoing basis in conjunction with your personal goals and objectives, taking into consideration the impact of internal and external changes.

Ongoing advice, service and care will involve regular progress meetings, as often as your situation requires. As circumstances in your life change, we will update your personal financial plan so that it always remains relevant to your needs.

Want To Know More?

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