“Andrew Lyon has played an invaluable role in my financial management for many years. He has a good understanding of my personality (including acceptable risk) and goals.

He has always been available to provide appropriate financial advice. He has guided me through the maze of insurance, salary sacrifice, superannuation and investment, whilst promoting financial discipline. He is always extremely well prepared for meetings with a well set out agenda.

I would thoroughly recommend his services.”

Dr L H, June 2015

“I would just like to say how pleased and surprised I am with the outcome from my Critical Illness Policy.

My wife took out a life insurance policy with MLC soon after she left school in the 1970s. When we met and married, we changed the policy in 1994 to have myself included on it. In May 2010, I had to undergo open heart surgery for a quadruple bypass.

Over next 2 years, due to our financial situation, we had to decrease the value of our policy. We saw our MLC Financial Adviser, Andrew Lyon, in mid-2013 to again review our policy. While talking to him, I spoke about how well I was feeling 3 years after my surgery. Andrew was not aware of this operation and told me that under my Critical Illness Policy I should be able to make a claim.

I went home and looked at my policy, but realised that I should have made the claim within 12 months of the operation. I spoke to Andrew regarding this, but he said he would do his best to obtain the claim for me.

He sent me all the paperwork for myself and the treating Doctors to complete. I did not expect any result considering the length of time between my operation and submitting the claim, and if by chance I did receive a payment, I expected it to be at what the policy was currently valued for.

After numerous phone calls and emails to my Doctors and Andrew, I was absolutely shocked when in December 2013, Andrew rang to advise me that MLC had approved my claim. Not only that, but they paid out the higher amount that the policy was worth at the time of my operation.

I would like to congratulate Andrew Lyon and his team at MLC on advising and helping on this matter. When there is so much publicity in the media about wrong doings regarding Insurance Companies, this puts a great deal of faith back into the system.”

Brian C, February 2014

“I have worked with Andrew Lyon since 2002 in establishing a financial plan for my retirement and subsequent establishment and management of our SMSF.

I have always found Andrew to be very approachable and a person who is eager to assist with any query even though sometimes it does not relate to Andrew’s area of responsibility.

Andrew’s advice and recommendations prior to, during and since the GFC have proven to be extremely sound financially.

Andrew is constantly reviewing the Portfolio and will make contact if he feels a change should be immediate. Otherwise, I look forward to discussing his research and recommendations at our 6 monthly reviews. I have recommended Andrew to family, friends and colleagues in the past and would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew in the future.”

Keith S, April 2013

“Ten years ago when my husband passed away I was thrust into the total financial decision-making processes in my life. I did not have a clue at that stage what was best to do with the monies that were now under my control so I turned to Andrew Lyon from Dialogue Financial Management for guidance and advice.

Andrew explained all the options I had available to me and assisted me with making the best decisions as to where I could invest my money in the most financially beneficial way. Over the years there have been some market highs and also extreme lows that have been very worrying. I found Andrew’s support and advice invaluable in keeping me focused and on track with my long term goals. Having this peace of mind without panicking about the volatility of the market has allowed me to keep my resolve with the comfort that we are following our agreed plan.

Dialogue Financial Management continues to provide ongoing strategies that have assisted me with the retirement stage of my life. I have the comfort of knowing I am prepared for the future and receive regular income every month by way of a pension arrangement Andrew organised through my super.

I am kept up to date on important issues through the direct contact that I have and through regular newsletters from Dialogue Financial Management. I have learnt to take an avid interest in the economic market and where it is heading as I now understand all the implications.

We currently meet on an annual basis, however this could be more if I chose. We discuss our strategy for the coming year which I find extremely beneficial for putting my 12 month plan in place.

Andrew has always been there for me and I value his ongoing support. I would recommend Andrew Lyon from Dialogue Financial Management to anyone who wants personalised service and advice for their financial planning needs.”

Willie D, April 2013