There are many reasons why Dialogue Financial Management is the perfect solution for your financial future.

  1. Comprehensive Investment Solutions: At Dialogue Financial Management, our strategies and investment portfolios are developed using the resources of Threesixty Research and its alliance with Lonsec – stockbroking and financial research. This ensures our solutions are well researched and the best available for our clients.

  2. Small enough to provide the highest level of client care: While we have access to the most extensive research available via our association with GWM Adviser Services Ltd (a member of the National Australia Bank group), our business is small enough to provide the highest level of personal attention to each client.

  3. Experience counts: Our principal has 15 years’ experience as a practicing Financial Planner and many more as an Accountant. Andrew Lyon has been providing wealth management advice since the financial planning industry was in its infancy.

  4. Holistic financial advice: Our advice is focused on achieving your financial and lifestyle goals. While a major part of what we do focuses on helping you accumulate assets, we also advise you on how to manage the risks you face as an investor, as well as the risks you and your family face if things are not going according to plan. Our process helps you to not only recognise the risks, but also to put strategies in place to manage them.

  5. Focusing On What Is Important To You: We understand the things that are most important to you do not always involve money. At Dialogue Financial Management, we seek to understand those things, and as part of our commitment to you, we monitor your progress toward those goals. This ensures the steps you take progress you toward what you really want to achieve.

  6. Fee-Based Practice: We are a fee-based firm, which means we do accept commissions on new investments. The major benefit of this for our clients is transparency of fees. You will always know exactly what our services cost, as this is agreed to in advance. There are no ‘kick backs’ or other payments from fund managers for recommending one product over another, giving our clients added confidence in our services.

Let Us Put Your Mind At Ease

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